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DVD Best Of British Monuments And Heritage dokument

4 DVD o celkové délce 7 hod. a 8 min. zvuk anglický, bez titulků   Popis dokumentu Best Of British Monuments And Heritage v angličtině VANISHING VIEWS... celý popis
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4 DVD o celkové délce 7 hod. a 8 min.

zvuk anglický, bez titulků


Popis dokumentu Best Of British Monuments And Heritage v angličtině


Today s view isn t just vanishing - it s being obliterated! Leading Architect Ptolemy Dean takes his sketchbook to 5 of Britain s most recognizable landmarks to record the ever changing face of our environment. The Tinsley Towers, in Sheffield known locally as the salt and pepper pots are the first port of call, Brighton s new observation mast, London St Paul s new retail and office complex, Edinburgh s vast development program and Liverpool s new Ferry terminal and museum are also the subject of Ptolemy s sketch book as he looks how these vast plans of development will change the face of these iconic places.


Everywhere we look history is around us. English Heritage act as the guardians s of the nation s history and are charged with preserving and maintaining over 350,000 historic and listed buildings, ruins and castles. Apethorpe Hall is truly one of England s great country houses. It was begun in the late 15th century and once played host to Queen Elizabeth I, King James I and King Charles I. In total 13 royal visits were recorded between 1565 and 1636. After years of neglect and decay, the Jacobean mansion fell into total disrepair until 2004 when English Heritage stepped in and saved it. Park Hill was the most ambitious inner city housing scheme of its time. Designed by Ivor Smith and Jack Lynn and built between 1957 and 1961, Park Hill dominates the eastern skyline of Sheffield. In 1997, it was listed at Grade II* for its architectural importance, its ground-breaking use of streets in the sky and its impressive scale. By that time, however, it had become run down. Branded a crime-ridden eyesore, it was no longer a desirable place to live. A regeneration project is in hand to transform the estate into a safe and vibrant place to live. English Heritage provided a grant for repair works to the reinforced concrete frames which form the structure of the flats.


Kenilworth is one of England s most magnificent castles. Once standing at the heart of a 1,600-ha (4,000-acre) hunting ground, and surrounded by a vast man-made lake, it represented a rich prize to the generations of royal and almost-royal great men who owned and embellished it: among them Geoffrey de Clinton, John of Gaunt, Henry V, and Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester. Even in melancholy decay its influence has been far-reaching, thanks, in part, to Walter Scott s best-selling romance, Kenilworth, which brought the castle new fame. The ruins are best known as the home of Robert Dudley, the great love of Queen Elizabeth I. Dudley created an ornate palace here to impress his Queen in 1575. Follow in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth I in the authentically recreated Elizabethan Garden. Lost to the world for over 400 years, it is now open to visitors once more.


Each autumn, up to 5000 of the most amazing pieces of British architecture, engineering and heritage are opened up to the public. The main focus of the series is the London Open House architecture event, which offers you the rare opportunity to get inside some very special buildings you would never usually be able to see. From the Bank of England to a top secret Second World War bunker used by Churchill, Gladstone s St Deiniol s library in Wales to the cutting edge life-saving research laboratories at Queen Mary University in London. It s a once in a year opportunity to go Behind Closed Doors.

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