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King of the Sky



Dostupnost: skladem
Číslo produktu: 202505
Výrobce: Walker
EAN kód: 9781406348613
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BONUS: knížka podepsaná autorem


Rozměry: 23,5 x 28cm

Počet stran: 56

Příběh mladého chlapce, který začíná nový život v nové zemi a cítí se sám a ztracený, poté potkává starého pana Evanse, který chová holuby na závody a jejich favoritem je holub, který má jméno KING OF THE SKY.


Laura Carlin talks about King of the Sky



Behind the scenes with Nicola Davies:

I read about pigeons; wild ones, domestic ones, message carrying ones, racing ones. I watched videos of tough northern blokes cuddling their racing birds with heart-breaking tenderness. I read how they navigate - learning the shapes of their local landscape by that characteristic flying in circles thing they do; recognising the smells of home, so that downwind they can follow the scents to their loft.

Something else got in with the biological information in my head - belonging and what happens when you have to change where you live and make a new home.

All of it sloshed around in my mind until one night I heard a song written about the real Sheffield racing pigeon “The King of Rome” that won a race to the North all the way from Italy. Another component of the story fell into place.

The final piece of the jigsaw was the setting. I wanted a displaced people and found what I needed when I remembered my mum’s stories about sitting in the Italian ice cream parlour in Gowerton. Italian families had come to Wales in the 20s and had found a culture like their own, centred on family, where singing and high emotion were both valued.

So I wrote a story set on my own doorstep, and connected with my own family history in South Wales.


I read it aloud at a conference and two wonderful things happened: someone came and told me that I’d described the story of their family and another said: “All my adult life I’ve thought my background in the valleys was something I had to get away from. You’ve shown me it’s my best material.” That’s when I realised that this little story about a boy and a bird had done what I wanted, and told a bigger more universal story about belonging, and what that means.

A powerful and beautifully illustrated story about migration and the meaning of home, from the award-winning team behind The Promise.

A breathtaking new picture book by children's author Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin, winner of the Bratislava Illustration Biennale and the Bologna Ragazzi Prize for Illustration. Starting a new life in a new country, a young boy feels lost and alone – until he meets an old man who keeps racing pigeons. Together they pin their hopes on a race across Europe and the special bird they believe can win it: King of the Sky. Nicola Davies’ beautiful story – an immigrant’s tale with a powerful resonance in our troubled times – is illustrated by an artist who makes the world anew with every picture. A musical adaptation of King of the Sky has already met with success on the stage, shown two years running at the Hay Festival and due to tour Welsh theatres next spring.


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