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Úvod » Základní škola » Základní škola II. stupeň » DVD All I Want For Christmas / Surviving Christmas / Scrooged Triple


DVD All I Want For Christmas / Surviving Christmas / Scrooged Triple



Číslo produktu: 248060
EAN kód: 5014437174031
Běžná cena 229,00 Kč (8,81 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 164,46 Kč (6,33 EUR)
Naše cena s DPH (21 %):
199,00 Kč (7,65 EUR)

do košíku:

Délka 3 DVD: 276min.

Jazyk: anglický

Titulky: anglické (1. a 3. film má české titulky)


All I Want For Christmas
If teenaged Ethan and his younger sister Hallie put every toy in Macy's on their Christmas list, it still wouldn't include what they want most. They want a miracle - they want their divorced parents back together.

With lots of humour, heart and yuletide sparkle, All I Want For Christmas is all you could want in a family film treat. Ethan Randall (Dutch) and Thora Birch (Patriot Games) play siblings who come up with a hilarious plan to reunite their parents (Harley Jane Kozak and Jamey Sheridan).

Movie legend Lauren Bacall plays the sympathetic grandmother who assists the kids. And Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun® films) appears as Santa Claus.

Running Time: 92 mins approx

Surviving Christmas
It's madness, mischief and mayhem when rich executive Drew Latham (Ben Affleck) decides to rent himself a family for the holidays. Tired of spending Christmas alone, Drew makes the Valcos (James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate and Catherine O'Hara) an offer they should have refused. Now their annoying guest and his outrageous demands are turning their Noel into a nightmare in this hilarious slapstick comedy that puts the fun in family dysfunction.

Running Time: 87 mins approx

Discover this hilarious spin on Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol".

Bill Murray is television executive Frank Cross, the meanest, most selfish man on Earth. He will stop at nothing to increase his network's ratings, even if it means that his staff works on Christmas Eve. It will take three spirits - the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future - to show Frank that he needs to change.

With an all-star cast including Karen Allen, John Forsythe, Carol Kane, Alfre Woodard and Robert Mitchum, and a memorable musical score from Danny Elfman, Scrooged will have your entire family rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas.

Running Time: 97 mins approx


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