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Úvod » Základní škola » Základní škola II. stupeň » 2x DVD How We Built Britain (BBC)


2x DVD How We Built Britain (BBC)



Číslo produktu: 202402
EAN kód: 5014503234928
Běžná cena 280,00 Kč (10,77 EUR)
Naše cena bez DPH: 213,22 Kč (8,20 EUR)
Naše cena s DPH (21 %):
258,00 Kč (9,92 EUR)

do košíku:

2x DVD v angličtině, anglické titulky (bez české podpory)

Celková délka: 352min

David Dimbleby presents this landmark six-part BBC documentary series telling the dramatic story of Britain's architecture - the extraordinary buildings that define a nation and which grew out of the experiences and beliefs of the British people. How did we get from the fortified tower to the grand open mansion and back again to the gated communities of today? How did we lose the marketplace to the out-of-town shopping mall? When did it become so important how libraries and prisons look? What does the way in which we arrange our city centres say about us? Can architecture really make a difference to our quality of life? This authoritative account of 1000 years of change in Britain's buildings tackles these questions and many more.

Episodes are:

'The East - A New Dawn',

'The Heart of England - Living it Up',

'Scotland - Towering Ambitions',

'The West - Putting on the Style',

'The North - Full Steam Ahead'

'The South - Dreams of Tomorrow'.


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