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100 Years of London (In Pictures)



Číslo produktu: 156589
EAN kód: 9781781453582
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Kč 339 (€ 13,2)

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Rozměry 16,5 x 16,5cm

288 stran


Hub of finance, home of the Royal Family, seat of government, centre for the arts, host to international sporting events: London is all of these but also home and workplace to over 8 million people, who go about their lives amid the celebrations and carnivals, parades and pageantry, protests and demonstrations, conflicts and catastrophes that punctuate the tale of their city.

100 Years of London presents a visual record of London at its best and worst, from the armistice at the end of the First World War through to the modern day.

The story is told through 300 photographs from the Press Association's vast archives. Hand-picked by their own archivists, many of these pictures remained archived and unseen for years after they were first published in the newspapers and magazines of their day. Collected here in a new edition, they present an evocative and visual journey through the modern history that has made London the city it is today.


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